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Under the brooding tree

Past the pond and brooding tree

cross the sand and clay muck

where oxen wander

boys hide

in brush caverns

and gather sticks

from a paddy, baked

lash bundled heaps and enter

water brown as skin

cool as coffee

on a long morning

and float under a brooding tree

and Cambodian sun

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A prayer to become empty

Written by on August 14, 2011 in Faith and Spiritual Life, Notes By The Way with 0 Comments

Following is a prayer by Macrina Wiederkehr entitled “The Empty Water Jug” that I read on a friend’s blog today. My friend works and lives among the poor here in Phnom Penh. She is daily confronted with needs and suffering she can’t meet or alleviate, but she keeps going outside and facing what she finds there. Such living will strip illusions away. We live with overwhelming struggles and sorrows never far away, and beauty and abundance. What a joy it is when they really meet.

“…full of things…smothered by gods”

Jesus, I come to the warmth of your Presence
knowing that You are
the very emptiness of God.
I come before You
holding the water jar of my life.
Your eyes meet mine
and I know what I’d rather not know.

I came to be filled
but I am already full.
I am too full.
This is my sickness
I am full of things
that crowd out
Your healing Presence.

A holy knowing steals inside my heart
and I see the painful truth.
I don’t need more
I need less
I am too full.

I am full of things that block out
Your golden grace.
I am smothered by gods …

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