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Loving Means Seeing

Written by on September 27, 2008 in Life and Family, Notes By The Way with 9 Comments

I received an email from a friend today describing how his son has become a stranger to him. He had an image of his son, but somewhere along the way the son rejected that identity. Now both are struggling to find themselves: one as a father and the other on his own terms.

I was moved by my friend’s story. My kids are younger than his. I don’t want to compare myself to him or anyone else, but I could relate to what he wrote. It’s not easy to SEE your own children. It’s more “natural” of me to “see” them according to my own needs and desires.

Later in the evening I stepped out and boarded a train to go meet some friends in Hachioji. I had ten minutes so I pulled out my Bible to see if anything inspiring would leap out quickly. I opened it and found two folded paper hearts (origami hearts).

One heart was blue and smaller than the other. …

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