I work as a writer and photographer for Alongsiders International in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

You can often puttering around the streets and sidewalks of Phnom Penh on my Suzuki Viva 125 running stoplights and driving on the wrong side of the road or on the sidewalks like a local. If you see me in a coffee shop, I’ll be the one typing and deleting the same line over and over again.


With my family on the Suzuki Viva 125

I’ve worked on a variety of other projects involving vulnerable children and families plus writing and photography. I created a book (a graphic novella) called “Home, a Cambodian story” together with Cambodian artist Sao Sreymao. The year before I made a video called “Why Not A Family?” in partnership with the M’lup Russey organization. I also host a website at UnitingforChildren.org to raise awareness about the best practices for the care of orphaned and vulnerable children. 

I have three daughters and a wonderful wife who also works at Alongsiders.  I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico (and travel with green chile powder to prove it), graduated from Occidental College (where Barack Obama attended for a year once), worked with youth in inner-city Los Angeles (and lived a block away from the original Senor Fish and three blocks from the original Forever 21 shop), graduated from the Fuller School of Intercultural Studies (where I met my wife at the Higher Grounds coffee shop), and lived in Japan for nearly ten years (and photo blogged about it).

We have lived in Phnom Penh, Cambodia since 2010.

(FYI, the photo above on the motorcycle was created in Photoshop by merging a photo of a busy street with a photo of all of us sitting still on the moto in a parking lot. I drive with three passengers at most.)