I live with my wife and three daughters in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We moved here in 2010 after living in Japan for the previous eight years. I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA), attended Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA with a degree in International Relations (1989), and completed a M.A. in Crosscultural Studies at the Fuller School of Intercultural Studies in Pasadena, California (1998). I lived and worked in the Los Angeles area for a total of 15 years, including several years in social work and as a volunteer with a church-based youth program in the inner-city.

I’m a self-taught photographer. I discovered my love of photography in college when a friend taught me how to develop my own black and white pictures in a darkroom on campus. Later I learned to work with video. My most extensive video project to date has been a 20 minute video in 2013 to raise awareness of best practices in the care of orphaned and vulnerable children. You can see it at unitingforchildren.org — a website I developed in partnership with others to continue advocating for change in this area.

My wife and I started Project Friends in 2008 and serve as the directors in Cambodia. It’s a small non-profit based in Japan offering experiential educational programs in Cambodia (project-friends.org).

I’m also run a small program in Phnom Penh helping young adults who have grown up in an orphanage transition to living independently. I work with a Cambodian social worker to provide mentoring and coordinate training, education, and other services.

Contact me if you have questions or opportunities.

Andy Gray