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Here are a few photos to give you the feel of being at a children’s sports day at a school in Japan. Well, they can’t really capture all the feelings of parents watching the events which range from pride and wonder to boredom and pain. I felt all of these today. When only Reia was participating we were always waiting and waiting for her next event. Today it seemed like our kids were constantly coming up next. They were all very proud of their dances, and Maika was selected for the relay (one of just a few girls in her grade). Mari is actually faster than Maika, but they were on different teams — and Mari happened to be on the team with most of the fastest 1st grade girls.

I haven’t posted any photos of my kids, because I like these shots better. Mostly I shot video of my kids with a scattering of photos in between events.

The highlights of sports days are often the running events. Even though they aren’t supposed to be very competitive, at least not in elementary school, it still works out that way. They also have fun relays, dances, and the older kids do “gymnastic exercises” (for lack of a better word in English).  It’s a long day in the hot sun, and if you’ve seen one…  But if you ever have a chance, I recommend attending one. They’re free. They’re happening all over the place at this time of year, and anyone can walk in.

Today on the last lap of the final relay a boy came from behind in 3rd place to win. It was amazing, because he made up more than 20 meters over such a short space. When the final score was announced the red and white teams had tied: 288 to 288.


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