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Here are some things to ponder while you drink a cup of coffee (or tea):

“How to discern which candidate (to vote for)…” This image (WWBD) came to me by email from a Christian friend with a sense of humor.

Looking for a new business opportunity as the world economy tanks? Try selling bottled tap water (the legal way). Quick quote: “I think consumers will embrace us,” Mr. Zucker says, noting that although 40 percent of bottled water comes from the faucet, few companies admit as much.”

This is interesting. Last week a university student told me he is studying the Islamic banking system for keys to the future of banking. That seemed backward to me until I saw this article in the Washington Post on the same subject.

What is your religious worldview? Take this (unscientific) quiz and find out.

Or read this article with more implications for the world food crisis. Did you know our current model of agriculture relies heavily on cheap fossil fuels? We may be in for bigger changes than we’ve yet imagined.

If you’re drinking a venti (a very, very large cup of coffee) maybe it’s time to read Rolling Stone’s article about the short life of David Foster Wallace (who has been called the greatest author of his generation).

Need a touching story to gently push you out to vote for Obama? How about the time 20 years ago when he helped a lost and desperate stranger from Norway?

Need something more substantial? Got another venti in hand? Try Andrew Sullivan’s closing essay on the election. (Someday Sullivan will be credited with having a significant role in the outcome of this election.)

Okay, forget the election and read this update about disabled children in Cambodia from “Servants to Asia’s Urban Poor.”

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