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Just found this at Compassion in Politics:

Every cultural good begins with 3 people. Occasionally 2, never 1. Google began with 2 guys – when they added a third to their creating circle, that was when the idea began to move and explode.

He adds that as the circle of three grows to 12 and 120 (I wouldn’t stress the numbers), the potential for impact multiplies.

This encourages me. I may be passionate for love to be revealed in the world, but I’m powerless on my own. Add an authentic partner or two, though, and the possibility for impact grows dramatically. As the circle expands beyond my control, if I’m willing to allow it, then there is a chance for spontaneous expansion.

An authentic partner, in my opinion, is someone moving forward under the strength of his or her own vision and passion, as opposed to someone dragged along or merely joining for the ride.)

The key, I think, is to act on my passion with openness, trust, and a spirit of adventure.

1) Act on my passion. Do something. People who take action attract interesting people. Leaders are drawn to people of action (leaders are drawn to leaders).

2) Do it with openness and trust. Don’t try to control the results. Communicate and empower, but resist the temptation to create a structure to contain the results. People who act this way gather and release people with like passion who move outward in increasingly varied and complex patterns. Controlling leaders create structure and rules because they don’t trust others to “do it right.” They limit the results to the size of structure they can control (and often profit from), and they limit the potential of everyone who buys into their systems.

3) Have a spirit of adventure. To me this is the essence of Love — knowing God as perfect grace — that we are free to live with a spirit of adventure. We can see the world without fear, with limitless possibilities, and charge forward with nothing to prove or protect.

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