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Are you shedding your religion but holding onto your faith? There is a significant and documented trend of Christians in the West distancing themselves from the religion but still following Jesus. Many say separating from religion has reinvigorated their journey with Jesus. They want to follow Jesus in reality and live beyond pretense. They reject being labeled, manipulated by controlling leaders, used politically, etc.

Some even reject the label “Christian,” because it has been loaded with so many connotations that have nothing to do with following and trusting Christ.

Are you one of them? Or does this touch an itch you’ve been wanting to scratch.

Jim Palmer describes some symptoms of moving off the religion reservation. Maybe you can relate to some or all of them.

1. You don’t go to church anymore.
2. You are reading some really weird books.
3. You are in danger of going off the deep end.
4. You can’t give a straight answer.

My favorite is #4, since I’m prone to being perceived that way. Here’s a taste from point #3:

Perhaps one of the most annoying things (to those who judge them) about people who are shedding religion is that they begin thinking for themselves. Some Christians have come from churches where the idea is fostered that congregants should only expose themselves to church-approved leaders, teachers, writers, musicians, politicians etc…because doing otherwise would be the equivalent of purchasing a one-way ticket to the flames of hell. Apparently, only a very select few people are capable of discerning truth on their own, the rest of us are ill-equipped for doing so and would be easily lured into all kinds of error if left to our own. I know this may be difficult for some to believe, but people are capable of being exposed to all kinds of differing views of God, and can discern for themselves what truth is present in these views, and what of these views seems inconsistent with truth. I have a Buddhist friend; i have detected truth is things he believes but i did not become a Buddhist. I have an Atheist friend; i totally agree with this person’s views on various things but i did not become an Atheist. I have a N.Y. Yankees friend, i agree that the Yankees have some of the best baseball players but i did not become a Yankees fan. People are truly capable of doing this sort of thing.

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