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Why Not A Family? Video online

The video I’ve been working on for the past year is online. The title is “Why Not A Family?” and the purpose is to raise awareness of better alternatives for the care of orphaned and vulnerable children. You can watch it here. The video challenges the idea that orphanages are really the best long term option for the most […]

Poverty tourism versus positive, educational travel across cultural and economic divides

Written by on July 6, 2012 in Learning and Volunteering, Notes By The Way with 7 Comments

I appreciate this graphic via Staying For Tea, but it’s important to understand the context. The original intent was to show that a variety of programs and activities get lumped together, fairly or unfairly, under the negative label of poverty tourism. Now poverty tourism is a horrible term, and I want nothing to do with it. […]

My friend has died of AIDS

Andrew Sullivan posted last week about How to Survive a Plague, a documentary about the AIDS epidemic in America. Then a follow-up post with reader comments caught my attention. They were reflecting on a terrible crisis that’s largely passed. One person wrote about his daily dose of Complera: “One pill. Every morning. Forever. And I’ll be fine.” […]

Under the brooding tree

Past the pond and brooding tree cross the sand and clay muck where oxen wander boys hide in brush caverns and gather sticks from a paddy, baked lash bundled heaps and enter water brown as skin cool as coffee on a long morning and float under a brooding tree and Cambodian sun

Notes By The Way